Locations and Studio Backgrounds

The following are suggestions for outdoor backgrounds.

Nielsons Grove-Orem

end of summer



Wilderness Park- Fall




Jollys Ranch -

Hobble Creek Canyon



Big Springs Park

Provo Cany0n- Fall

Wilderness Park- Winter

Wilderness Park- Summer/Spring

Provo Canyon- Vivians




Provo River Trail Fall



Provo Canyon- Vivians


Provo Center Street- Fall



Utah Lake Vineyard

end of fall



Jolly's Ranch-

Hobble Creek Canyon



Utah Lake Vineyard


Corn belly's Sunflower festival- Extra fees apple Only certain days in August/September

Provo River trail Summer

Bicentennial Park Provo


Shops at Riverwoods

Provo Capital Building

Provo Center street North side.

By Provo Lake trail


Nuskin Building South Side


Center street Inside Buildings North