Family POrtraits & What to wear

I mostly only do existing clients for family pictures due to my hectic schedule, however, feel free to ask if there are any openings.

My Work Style- What to wear.

1. Decide your color scheme- Coordinate more than match. Choose colors that complement each other.

2. Try and choose 3 colors in your palette and stick with those. If you get too many then the focus is taken away from the subjects.

3. Do not Have too many different patterns. I always suggest no more than one pattern with solids. So, boys in plaid, and girls in solids would be an example.

4. If you want to have a timeless photograph that does not date you, stick with basics and solids. Trends change so much every year. Avoid logos and characters on clothing.

5. Be comfortable! Choose things you will wear again. Do not put children in scratchy uncomfortable clothing or they will not cooperate well for the session.

6. keep in mind your body shape and size. larger people tend to want to wear really baggy clothing. Believe it or not, in a photograph this makes you look larger. Try not to do this, choose more fitted items. It is easier for the photographer to smooth lines out for you when editing to make you look your best.

7. layer clothing and accessorize. Use texture in your clothing. Keep in mind the season you are working with as well. Plan accordingly for cooler weather. try not to show too much skin, people usually regret it afterward.

8. for kids keep in mind their age. If your two-year-old does not like headbands, do not try to put one on for pictures, not only will they take it off every two seconds, but they will also mess up what hair they have in the process.

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