Dance Photography

Dance is Life, Dance is expression, Dance is


I come from a dance background. All of my children are or were competition dancers. Two teach at local studios as well as teach master classes around the area. I also have a son who is currently a competitive dancer. I know dance! Because I know dance I can pose dancers, know the names of dance moves and can critique techniques while photographing. I now limit myself to doing 3 Dance studios a year for regular sessions. I also will do specialty dance shoots throughout the year. Included in these are water rain shoots, paint shoots, UV dance shoots, chalk shoots as well as any other dance-related themed shoot you can think of. Contact me for details and pricing. My Pricing is affordable, especially for those with multiple children in one studio. I have won awards with many of my dance pictures. I also love new creative ideas.

Not only am I a dance Photographer, but I host a dance podcast called D.D.T Dani's Dance Talk, join us below.

A very small amount of my work below