What to wear and color schemes

I am often asked what to wear to your photo session. I usually tell people to look on Pinterest for the latest styles and fashions. I say whenever it is possible to layer, do it! Texture and layering always photograph well. In the summer when it is too hot to layer bring a fun lightweight scarf or another fun summer accessory such as summer hats etc.

Do I need to match? NO, you do not need to all wear the same thing. Stay within three colors of each other to make your photograph more visibly appealing. Do not have too many different bold patterns or it will distract from the photograph.

DO colors even matter?  yes, they matter more than you think. Not only do you want your picture to be visibly appealing, but you also want to consider where you will be hanging this picture in your home. Will the colors you picked look out of place with your decor. Stay within 3 colors.

How do I prepare?  First, i would decide what you want your pictures to portray then decide where you would like to put these pictures in your home, pick a color scheme, shop at great fashion stores such as old navy, gap & Piperlime or whatever store has the styles you prefer.

Make sure all hair is groomed, nail polish is refreshed, jewelry matches. Also, make sure you have treats or things to bribe young children with.

Make sure everyone is well fed beforehand so they are not grouchy. DO NOT schedule pictures during nap times. If your child is sick please reschedule. Not only will a sick child not cooperate you will not get the pictures you want from the session or your money's worth. Reschedule so

you will get images you love.


The day of all white shirts and denim jeans are Gone! You'll want to wear colors that complement each other: so for instance, soft colors (light blue, gray, blush) or warm colors (brown, orange, burgundy), If you want colorful images, then you should choose a more vivid color scheme for your outfits. See the color schemes below.


You don’t want your clothing to be baggy or too tight. Properly fitted clothing makes you look put together and will show off your shape and curves. For women, your upper half and lower half should be balanced: So if you have a loose blouse wear tighter pants. Or if you have a tight shirt wear a flowy skirt.

keep in Mind

Try to stay away from current trends, since they’ll date your photos 10 years from now. 

 Stay away from TINY PLAID & COMPLICATED PATTERNS These don’t always translate well in-camera


Color schemes

keep in mind you can use these in any season you want. I just broke it down.










Examples of Outfits

Do not have more than 1 person wear

a pattern unless it is the same!