It's a newborn Miracle! When your newborn cries the whole session. Navy's Newborns

Sometimes I get some newborns that just do not want to come in for pictures and are unhappy the entire shoot. This brings about frustration to the parents. Remember,Mom has planned this shoot since before her baby was born, She has pictured how she wants her pictures to look. I can see it in her face when her baby begins to cry, the dissapointment and feeling that you are gooing to waste your money on nothing. To these parents I say relax, I have you covered, i will not let you leave until i know I have something to work with. This was the case with little Navy.

Mom was super worried because her first daughters newborns were a scream fest as well. Of course those pictures turned out amazing but the experience was one of worry during the shoot for mom so that's what she remembered. Navy's shoot began to go the same way. Not only did we need to worry about that but she brought in the family for some family shots including a uncooperative 2 year old. I reassured them we will be ok and reminded mom how beautiful Her other daughters newborns were. Slowly she began to relax. Yes, everything took twice as long. And yes, I had to photoshop a lot but the pictures turned out beautiful and once again mom was happy with her newborn session. Here are a few of my favorites from this session.

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