News and some recent shoots

So yesterday was kind of exciting, The bass player for Olivia Holts band bought some pictures from me that I took at the Stadium of fire. I love that he supported me . It makes my day when I know someone appreciates my work.

With so many options for Photographers out there I enjoy that my clients keep coming back for more.

I like to believe that the personal experience they get with me far exceeds other studios. I know I go above and beyond what I am paid but I love what I do and it makes it worth it.

Tonight I gor to photograph a young man I have done ever since he was little. I look forward to doing this families kids birthday pictures every year.

Meet Zathan 17 years old. He is going to be a Senior this year at Provo High School.

ok on to the next! I loved working with this fun family the other day! It makes my job so worth it when I get to Photograph funny people. This family was visiting from out of town and I am glad they spent some of their time with me. {Provo Utah Photographer}

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