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Dance picture ordering

All orders will be done online! No pictures will be taken the day of for people that did not pre-order. Thanks for helping us keep you, as well as us ,extra safe and covid free. We will not have workers there taking money.

ordering available from February 10-March 20th

package descriptions so you know what to order.

Package A- 1 5x7 print of group- best- $12

picture chosen by photographer

Package B- Digital download for 1 group costume pictures- $10

Package 1-An 8x10 memory mate. An 8x10 print with an individual and a group shot designed to match costume. Given in display folder. you cannot add add ons to this package. If you need add ons you will need to order package #3- $20

Package 2- Individual shot 3 poses (1 costume) and teams in one costume sent

in a digital download link- $24

Package 3- A package #1 and a package #2- $45

Package 4- individuals in 3 costumes as well as teams in 3 costumes + 1 free add on. (9 ind. shots total)- $65

Package #5- Ultimate package. packages #1 and #4 plus 2 add ons digital downloads or on usb- $75



Add ons- For each additional costume after 1 ( unless ordering pckg. 4 or 5) Individual shots, or teams. Each set is $5

You can use this to add an additional childs individuals or teams to save money.

understanding ordering. If you still have questions call or text me. Read very carefully so I do not need to contact you.

example for two kids-

*Package #2 for first child- this gets individuals and her team in 1 costume.

*(2) add ons for brothers individuals and team (Unless on same team as sister than he only needs one for his individuals).

*Than continue for each additional Childs add ons If more than two kids.

*You also need add ons for additional costumes even if it is the same team. Package number 4 and 5 are the only packages that come with extra costumes. If you did not order those you need add ons for every additional costume you would like pictures of individuals or teams.

Why add ons?  I have been a dance mom for 22 years and understand how expensive it can be,  so first and foremost to save people with more than one child money. Secondly, Most studios take pictures in 1 costume only for their teams. Those that wanted individuals in every costume would just order add ons. If your studio takes team pictures in every costume Than you may need to pick and choose which ones you want to order. Want to save money? Just order the one team costume (Your favorite). In most cases the same kids are in all the team shots for memory purposes so one is sufficient. I have found most people would rather have individuals of their child for extra add ons.

your studio owner chose this background set up for this year...

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You may order dance pictures through venmo under Danielle Gough Christiansen  (Danicphotog) number 801-318-3291. Please leave detailed notes  in notes section. 

dancers name and team.                                 



Need more visuals? see below

please do not order from the gallery below they are just picture and descriptions. Fill out form above than use the venmo or paypal buttons to pay.