Choose a make-up artist for your session!

I am pleased to announce the option of picking a make-up artist for your session for an additional fee.

We all wish we had one for our pictures, and usually they are our favorite pictures we will ever own of

ourselves. Just choose one of the make-up artists below that fit your likes & Budget. Let me know who you have chosen or contact them directly to add to your session. If booking online you must call first to make sure that time will work for your makeup artist. Prices are subject to change.

Harli McShinsky

dani c photography makeup artists

My name is Harli and I am a certified and published makeup artist currently pursuing my love for beauty, art, and design all over the world, starting in Utah where I currently reside. With my knowledge and skills in design, color theory, and art, I create makeup looks that are timeless, beautiful, and unique.

I charge - $55 for a makeup session with Danielle

Sunny park

My name is Sunny I’ve been doing hair and makeup for 8 years. I’ve done makeup for ABC 4 to freelancing for MAC. I’m very passionate about makeup it’s what I love! I’m a mother to an amazing little boy and he’s my world!

I charge - $55 for a makeup session with Danielle

Visit my site here- www.instagram.com/sunnypark1030

Savanah Norman

Savanah was born in Philadelphia and raised in Lindon, UT. She fell in love with makeup the second her mom let her start wearing it. She constantly wanted to try the newest products and is still the exact same way. She is self taught and is constantly taking classes and learning new skills. She is specializing in full glam and editorial makeup. Not only is she beyond passionate about makeup artistry, but also helping others feel confident and beautiful with or without makeup. Her biggest goal is to help every client she works with feel beyond amazing.

My fee for Danielle's sessions only are $65 (normally $85)


My name is McKenna Hasson and I am a certified makeup artist. I graduated from Taylor Andrews Academy and love doing what I do! I have worked with many talented photographers, models, and other professional vendors. My favorite part of the job is learning new techniques and finding new amazing products that my clients will love! My love for the beauty industry is constantly growing because of the lovely people I get to meet through my business.  You can 

Her price for us only is $85

Myndy jean

My name is Myndy Jean and I can transform your look into anything you desire.  From glamour, to special effects, to artistic face painting and design I can give you a professional and epic look of your desires!

I am also phenomenal at Hair style and design, and have a full costume/clothing closet I can bring for a little extra fee.

I charge - $70 for a makeup session with Danielle

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