make picture day

easy and germ free!

These are required forms for sign up :) If you register and pay here all you have to do when you come for pictures is check in. Please read all directions. if you are uncertain call me.801-318-3291

Step 1

Step 2

please sign up for a Saturday time with Julia if you intend on doing individuals in every single costume for each of your teams.

At the bottom of this form you will find the picture day. Just find yours and your team and sign up for a spot, than proceed to step 2. if you have more than one child on a different team sign them all up under their team. If your child is on more than one team and are taking individuals in each team, sign them up for a spot under each team.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Step 3

Order your packages below click on picture for description of package-

Attention: Yes, each additional costume for individuals or groups is an add on! So if your group takes group pictures in more than 1 costume it is an add on to receive those teams as well.

 a $1 fee has been added to all orders to cover paypal fees.

Each package comes with 1 costume.(except competition packages) If your studio is taking multiple costumes you will need add ons for each individual and each group you get.