Intern application


Do you want o be a professional photographer but know you need a lot more experience. Interning is the best way to learn and grow as a photographer.

What is an intern?

an intern is someone who follows a subject around learning their job. (In this case it is me). You assist where needed ask questions and see just how the business end works to being a photographer. This kind of experience cannot be taught in a classroom It is real life shoots.


How do I apply?


It is easy just apply by feeling out the application below :)


What will be expected of me?

I really need dependable people who can be at shoots and if not give me plenty of warning so another intern can come. I need someone that will take initiative and contact me if you have not heard from me because I get so busy i need a reminder here and there. I want someone interested in fashion and Photography and really eager to learn. I will send you a schedule for a month but shoots get scheduled daily so it is always good to check in.


What do I bring?

Yourself of course! My interns do not bring cameras unless I am having a special activity for them such as an intern shoot off or contest. You will not watch me edit till I feel you are ready.I like interns to bring a notepad and pen so they can take notes of things they want to remember and questions they want to ask me after a shoot is over.


Do I get paid?

Nope your payment is the knowledge you learn from me while interning. Occasionaly I will have paid jobs that I offer to my interns.


Apply below! Hope to work with you soon ages (13+)