do you have a specific coloring style you like? there are so many trends with coloring out there.  Though I prefer vibrant colors, some people prefer earthy tones or subdued tones. Let me know before your session so I can accommodate your likes when editing. examples at bottom but go to the choose your edit style tab up top before your session


I'm a firm believer in families and the happiness they can bring into our lives. This life goes by so quickly, in the blink of an eye, our children are grown with kids of their own. What will we leave the future generations to remember their ancestors? A family photograph can be passed down from generation to generation. A family photograph can bring back memories of what we or our family use to look like.

So often I hear people say " Well I meant to get a family picture a few years ago, I can't believe my child is about to graduate high school and we do not have a recent photograph " I would love to be a part in preserving your Journey through life.

Families should stay within three colors and no more than one bold pattern. Please see the what to wear section.

Did you know you get to choose your edit style?

Examples of some different coloring styles. Go to choose your edit tab to choose yours before your session. There are so many styles in there.

subdoed with rich blacks

vibrant tones

subdoed  light and airy

earth tones