you can now choose the editing style you desire

There are so many different editing styles out there these days. Every session may require a different look, so why limit yourself? I am all about basic classic color but realize some of my clients may prefer some of the trendier looks in coloring. I have decided to offer edit style coloring to my clients. You choose the look you want for your session and your entire session will be edited with that look in mind.

All you do is let me know the style you want from below before your session and that is the look you will get for your session. There is no need to limit ourselves to a photographers certain look. Every scene may look slightly different depending on surroundings. here are examples below of pictures in different styles with the colorings applied.  All choices will be there. If you want me to do what I think looks best for pictures just tell me creative freedom

Perfect pictures every time according to your liking

sand & sun2.jpg
sand & sun 3.jpg
sand & sun 1.jpg
rustic autumn.jpg
light and airy.jpg
light and airy2.jpg
light & airy eexample.jpg
blogger life.jpg
bloggers life3.jpg
blogger life2.jpg
classic color2in studio.jpg
classic color3.jpg
classic color.jpg
classic color2.jpg