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 Boudoir sessions are at the studio or in your home. Every woman no matter the shape or size has beauty and a sensual side. It is my job to bring that out in you, make you feel beautiful, because you are. You may wonder What is a boudoir session? let me explain below.


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Now offering boudoir video sessions-$400

 A lot of women do not want prints but want to give their husbands something special, or even just have for themselves. I now offer Boudoir videography sessions.

You will get a video file of your Boudoir session with 10 boudoir jpg files.

Q & A

Let me ask you something? How much would you pay for super

sexy, stunning pictures of yourself?

 Why would you do this type of Photography?

Number one you are beautiful and deserve it. Second of all your men will love it!  Most Every guy cannot resist the

site of beautiful women, even more so when it is the love of his life.


What does a session include:

Each session runs between an hour and an hour and a half. You will have a pre consultation with me to establish the type of session you want to have. We will discuss how perocative you would like to be, what your outfits will be and some poses that will be appropriate for you and your session. I am not going to sugar coat this-You can be classy or trashy but i will try to make it as tasteful as possible. it is up to you completely. At this time I am only doing women and not men & women together. It may be something I add in the future, but I do not want to take away from the feel of the shoot. I want to concentrate on the sensuality of a women and not anything distasteful. Together we will set up a plan for your session so there are no suprises on the day of your shoot. This will help you to be more comfortable when you come in. This is not to say that you may want to try something more daring while you are here, this happens often. As you become more comfortable if you decide to do something that was not in the plan it is ok.

With your session you will get all pictures (edited) and on a disk. You will also recieve a trifold portfolio with your favorite 8  4x5 pictures  in it. This makes a great gift for the hubby or boyfriend. Along with that you will also have access to an app with your favorite photos that you and your significant other can download on your home screen. As the photographer I will edit things that i feel should be edited to make you look your best, you can however let me know if you would like things left as is, such as stretch marks etc.

Once you book a shoot with me I will send you detailed information on what you should wear and do for your shoot.


Do you do my hair & Makeup?

We do not include hair and makeup in our price. However I work with  brilliant make up artists who range from $45- $65. they are all nothing short of amazing at what they do and will make you look absolutely beautiful. We also can have a hairstylist come as well but they vary in price. Know that I am a hairstylist as well so I will keep an eye out for hair troubles during your shoot. you can view and choose a makeup artist on my site and I can book them for you and send details.


What should I bring to my shoot?

You should bring any outfits that we discussed together when making your plan. I also suggest bringing a robe to help you feel more comfortable in between changes etc. If you have done your own make up please bring your lipstick for refreshing in between shots.


Can I bring my husband or boyfriend?

I highly recommend you do not. Believe it or not , sessions tend to be more tense when they are present.


How can I prepare?

I suggest you shave and trim all areas wether or not you plan on taking off clothes or not. You would be suprised how many people swear they will not take things off and get so comfortable during there shoot that they want to do more daring things. So be prepared.


How soon will I get my portraits?

My turn around time is super fast. In most cases you will be able to view your session the same day. As soon as you choose some favorites for your app I can prepare your disk and have it ready next day. You also have access to download all photos straight from your viewing session. Watermark will not be on photographs once downloaded.


What is my investment?

 I have always tried to keep things affordable for my clients by not charging what I am worth which is double or triple what i charge. I have over 17 years of experience and have won several best of awards for Provo. This session is only $350. $300 without printed portfolio. I have friends in the area charging thousands for the same sessions. But I believe every woman should do a boudoir session at least once in her life.


How do I book a session?

Call or text me at 801-318-3291 to set up an appointment. You can also message me on facebook my name is Danielle Gough Christiansen on there. Email is also acceptable- Danielle@danicphotography.com


How far in advance should I book?

I book up fast I reccomend you book at least two months in advance. I may have openings but to be safe the sooner the better.


Want a better-upgraded experience? Give the gift of movement to your Boudoir session. 

Our new videography Boudoir session gives a better realistic experience to those whom you do the session for, whether it be yourself or your significant other. This session will give you your Boudoir experience in Video format as well as 10 still images. WOW yourself or your loved one with this beautiful cinematography experience. Special introductory offer for $400.

Maybe romantic, sexy, or very naughty. Here is a romantic example.


I realize how many women have low self-esteem. I thought I could never do a shoot like this for myself. Im  20 pounds over weight and it wont look good. But I am so glad I did one.

These were self portrait ones I did for my husband. It just goes to show every women is beautiul no matter what the size.   ~ Dani